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We are a Judeo-Christian based organization following the principles put forth by our Holy Bible.

Our purpose is to sharpen your knowledge, discernment, character, and wisdom — which can be accomplished by sharing content that encourages reading, researching, and conversing – including man’s feeble attempt to out do and out think our Creator.

Our organization provides a platform for Liberty as God so desires us to have. And do know that liberty and freedom are different should never be confused as being one of the same. In essence, liberty is for the people while freedom is for the individual - both of which carry responsibilities and accountabilities that cannot be shirked least either or both become lost to one and all.

Given the Progressive and Socialist trends since the 1910’s, as well as the control Liberals have had in permitting what content is and is not presented for purchase by our education system, you will discover the principles shared here won’t be found intact in school books and textbooks that have been approved for use today by school boards across the nation. You will however find these principles in our Holy Bible and in many books before the 1910s - that is not to say there have not been many since then, it is to say that there have been fewer and fewer published throughout the years due to the persuasion of the Liberals and the Cabal.

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where there is the Spirit of the Lord, there is Liberty ~ 2 Cor 3:17


Decisive Liberty

... and where there is the Spirit of the Lord, there is Liberty. ~ 2 Cor 3:17